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                                                                                                         Sanaz Davoodzadehfar
                     Are hidden behind you                                                               I walk on dead letters

                     Their voices are red sirens

                     There are many jet planes on the table
                     The  planes  break  the  sound  barrier  in

                     the room

                     You get a trench behind your desk
                     And  warn  them  to  go  back  inside  the


                     You crawl

                     And roll up the newspaper,
                     Then pretend to be asleep

                     With such a newspaper no window can

                     be cleaned


                                                                Sanaz  Davoodzadehfar  is  an  Iranian  poet

                                                                who  lives  in  Iuxembourg  now.  She  began

                                                                her  artistic  career  with  the  theater  and

                                                                played and worked in many plays and won

                                                                many awards in this field.

                                                                She began writing poetry in classical forms

                                                                and were published in the most important

                                                                Iranian journals and newspapers and sites

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