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Poetry                                               Sanaz Davoodzadehfar,


                                        I walk on dead letters

                          The world is small                                                 "I love you"
                          It is smaller than you                                             How simple was my dream!

                          And no one knows                                                   It thought that this sentence

                          That how many worlds                                               Was said only by you

                          Of galaxies                                                        And messengers
                          Has your one embrace                                               ***

                          ***                                                                Window is wall's smile

                          We are alive in our graves                                         To me

                          But we are dead in our bedrooms                                    Who  test  the  flying  just  with  a
                          Life is not suitable for us                                        pencil

                          And death is not any human's size                                  The window

                          To be or not to be                                                 Is the start of flying
                          This question                                                      ***

                          Is a big mistake                                                   I was born crying

                          ***                                                                I lived shouting
                          Stay at wherever you are                                           I like taking my leave

                          Love is a strange event                                            I like to be a smile

                          If you are present, it will be present                             Same as

                          too                                                                Mona Liza
                          If  you  are  not,  it  will  be  present                          ***

                          more..                                                             When leaving is impossible,

                          Seeing you                                                         I draw a horse

                          Is an everlasting habit                                            The  sound  of  horse  steps  and
                          When you are absent,                                               hinny

                          I see you more than ever                                           Can be heard from the colors

                          ***                                                                This painting
                                                                                             Can't be domesticated


                                                                                             When you open the newspaper,
                                                                                             A rocket jumps out

                                                                                             The  corpses  who  afraid  of


                  Litterateur                                          30

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                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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