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Poetry                                             Carrie Magness Radna,

                                                                                        New York

                          Shallow                                                             Une rêverie

                Gaining your acceptance                                                 Every French movie I’ve seen

                was not an easy shimmer.                                                is either colored by
                                                                                        a sepia sun, or black & white.

                As the drops fell from Heaven,

                reflections radiated the river                                          A sweet daydream.
                                                                                        Une rêverie du matin,

                & I tried to find your face                                             walking on the Seine.

                on the other side of the mirror,
                                                                                        A couple of tourists on a boat

                but the deepness                                                        talk about marriage—

                I’ve been searching for,                                                “What is love?”

                was way too shallow.
                                                                                        Broken hearts

                Your version of love                                                    are steering the water;

                only works with cocktails.                                              lovers light their cigarettes,

                & the glitter gained                                                    extinguishing  ashes  at  the

                doesn’t always turn into gold,                                          pier.

                                                                                        We are so far gone—Acoustic
                & I’m drinking cold gin,                                                guitars wake us up as we walk

                wondering  what  could  have                                            away.

                                                             Carrie Magness Radna is a cataloger at NYPL,

                but it was too hollow;                       a  singer  and  a  poet  who  loves  travelling.  Her

                the river’s too shallow.                     poems  have  been  published  in  The  Oracular

                                                             Tree,  Walt's  Corner,  Muddy  River  Poetry

                                                             Review,  Poetry  Super  Highway,  Alien  Buddha

                                                             Press,, Cajun Mutt Press, Jerry

                                                             Jazz  Musician  and  First  Literary  Review-East,

                                                             et  al.  Her  first  poetry  collection,  Hurricanes

                                                             never         apologize             (Luchador             Press)          was

                                                             published in 2019.  Her latest poetry collection,

                                                             In  the  blue  hour  (Nirala  Publications)  was

                                                             published  in  February  2021.  Born  in  Norman,

                                                             Oklahoma, she now lives with her husband in

                                                             New York City.

                             REDEFINING WORLD                             29
                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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