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                                                           Anna Maria Mickiewicz,

                                                                       United Kingdom

                                     London beat

             The desired call, of the fog

                    runs down the ladder of heaven
             The wheel of clouds is rolling,

                    in a stars-rejuvenated scarf

             The  heart  is  pierced  with  the  rhythm  of



                You swirl with white clouds
                The truth of existence

                You sprinkle with wet rain

                Crazy heads

                Giving false peace
                                                                                    Anna  Maria  Mickiewicz    is  a

                                                                                    Polish-born poet, writer,  editor

                                                                                    and foreign correspondent who

                                                                                    writes  both  in  Polish  and  in

                                                                                    English.            Anna          moved             to

                                                                                    California, and then to London,

                                                                                    where  she  has  lived  for  many

                                                                                    years.  For  more  details  visit


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