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Book Review

                                                                                                        ‘CHORUS OF BLOOD'
                                                                                                            Christopher Barnes

                for  instance,  bring  us  back  to  a  very  visual  and  decidedly  human

                engrossment.  The  lines  stalk  our  awareness  that  the  violent  events  are

                watched. These pictures, once seen, are imprinted on the retina, which cannot
                be cleaned.

                Fusing surfaces can be both fuzzy and visceral:

                 'teeth skinned of purpose'

                is  a  phrase  economic  and  multifaceted  with  a  below  ground  logic  when

                considered as what Pound called a vortex. The idiom itself can be visionary.

                     Technical aspects are fully realised. Mangling syntactical norms sparks an
                energy,  pulling  the  reader  along,  especially  in  spaces  between  action  and

                inaction.  This  is  an  important  book  not  least  for  its  example  of  how  to  use

                wordstock as its own vehicle, as opposed to using narrative merely to convey
                something separate from the symbols used.

                Though  the  pretext  of  this  work  might  not  be  popular,  I  highly  recommend
                close reading.

                                                               Christopher Barnes is a poet in the

                                                               north of England. Much of his work

                                                               is experimental. He studied Literary

                                                               & Historical Criticism and spends a

                                                               lot      of       time         evaluating            other

                                                               experimental poetry.

                                                                      Michael Mc Aloran

                                                                             Author of Nothing Ever

                                                        Michael Mc Aloran was born in Belfast, (1976). He

                                                        is  the  author  of  over  30  collections  of  poetry,

                                                        prose  poetry,  aphorisms  and  prose.  His  most
                                                        recent publications were with Editions du Cygne

                                                        (FR), VoidFront Press (U.S), Veer Books, (U.K) &
                                                        also  by  Infinity  Land  Press  (U.K)  &  Oneiros

                                                        Books (U.K).

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