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'down  upon  where  the  phallic                               Book Review

           victory  seamless  to  caress  a  fragrancy  of                                             ‘CHORUS OF BLOOD'

           delirium'                                                                                        Christopher Barnes

           indicates         male        power        reached          after      conjures  New  Year,  renewal,  but

           orgasm:                                                                without  hope  or  change;  the  future

                                                                                  will  be  as  the  past.  Time  is  a  trap
                     'some spent simulacrum'.                                     with no exit.

           And more subtly:                                                       Surrealism  blends  effortlessly  into

                                                                                  the linguistic melee:
           'then nothing of it out of distance what else

           to bear/bare/once'                                                                         'cloud  across  pupils  long

                                                                                  absent of skyline'.
           intimates         the       external        representation             Inner  and  outer  worlds  reflect  each

           apropos  the  victim  combining  with    the                           other,  they  are  not  disconnectable.

           perpetrator’s  understanding  of  what  has                            Within this phrase, in its literariness,

           been done.                                                             we  are  conscious  that  this  is

                                                                                  authorship, the act of writing is in a
                There are lots of fascinating images in                           tradition.  On  a  different  page  we

           these non-sentences:                                                   have:

                     'emptily enshroud in earthen clarity                                   'trace of cloud across white

           of blood'                                                              wall(ed)'.

           offers  us  an  ambiguous,  multi-layered                              We  are  not  being  addressed  by  a

           vision, where earth itself is both an urn for                          voice,  we  are  perusing  a  text.  The

           the  dead  and  a  jug  for  intoxicating  blood                       two ways of reading and thinking in
           wine.                                                                  'wall'  and  'wall(ed)'  are  concretely

                Punning dark humour reminds us there                              expressed as a prompt, which helps

           is a persona behind the script:                                        the  reader  distance  the  violence,

                                                                                  making it easier to digest.
                     'where closure fist is broken psalms'.                                 Repetition  in  images  builds  up

                                                                                  their power:

           It is quite a jolt to go from the esoteric to

           the      human          mind/ego,          we       feel      the                'composure stillness of eye'
           personality as real.


                     'To fall first footstep'
           and                                                                              'shattered concrete ocular to

                     'to go is first flog'                                        rove'

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