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Fetishistic  and  otherworldly                                     Book Review

                matters come with the phrase:
                                                                                                       ‘CHORUS OF BLOOD'
                                                                                                            Christopher Barnes
                                    'caress  some  violent  scarlet

                rosary'.                                                                    ' - yet what is of of some eye to

                                                                                  trace  the  surface  tension  of  frozen

                A rosary is for counting - here, it weighs                        recollect'.
                on the 'scars' and dead or dying bodies

                that  may  be  counted  too.  Counting  is                                  Touch  in  darkness,  real  or

                also time-based, it adds to the tension -                         figurative,  is  a  way  to  merge  or

                moments  between  one  violent  act  and                          connect body to universe:
                another.  The  colour  'scarlet'  is  loaded

                with the implication of blood-splatter as                                             'blind  bones  to  search

                a complex image, as well as the colour                            throughout a braille sky'.
                that  often  represents  sin.  'Caress'  as

                erotic,  even  loving,  is  well-chosen.  An                      To touch is to comprehend.

                object  is  caressed,  humans  are  not                                     As  with  de  Sade,  violence

                regarded  as  more  important  than  the                          becomes  a  bore,  excitement  is
                rosary - indeed they too are objectified.                         blunted  by  the  mind's  exhaustion

                     Music is also ritualistic and esoteric:                      and inability to feel:

                          '...dense weight of nocturne-in in                                            'division  bathes  in  listless
                semblance',                                                       ennui'.

                the  chords  of  existence  are  grand,                             Where it may have made one whole
                profound.             Imagined            notes          are      with  the  victim  and  the  spiritual

                mysterious,           connecting            spaces         in     world,  it  ultimately  divides  and

                darkness  -  they  envelop.  The  'in'                            disappoints.  Later on we have:
                repetitions  are  like  a  stutter,  a  visual

                demonstration correlating to awe. In:                                       'light shone black'

                          '- torn from echo's glint'                              which  is  depressive,  there  is  no  joy

                                                                                  in this violence.
                the  sound  word  'echo's'  takes  us  into                       Using archaisms such as 'biteth' and

                the subliminal, an overwhelming space.                            'cometh' do more than just evoke the

                It hints at the void, where one can lose                          Bible,  which  as  a  screed  has
                oneself.                                                          violence         aplenty.         These        words

                  In  traditional  grammar,  'of'  denotes                        indicate  that  aggressive  deeds  and

                belonging           to     the      word        after      it.    feelings we may have about them go
                Surprisingly,  'of'  sometimes  gives  the                        back  to  the  furthest  history.  The

                sensation  of  wanting  to  move  away                            same          contexts          are        therefore

                from something:                                                   everlasting. This writing relates to a
                  Litterateur                                                     whole  time  of  human  violence,  the

                                                                                  implication  being  that  this  is  our

                             REDEFINING WORLD                                     nature.
                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU                                      We also note sexualised violence:
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