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Book Review

                                    ‘CHORUS OF BLOOD'

                                  Christopher Barnes, England

                       Christopher            Barnes          reviews
                       'Nothing          Ever'        by      Michael

                       Mcaloron. Oneiros Books

               'Nothing Ever' is in a form neither fully prose nor is it

               conventional  poetry.  The  language  is  heightened,
               intense; the composition dramatic and organic to its

               subject  matter.  Violence  is  explored  at  the  psyche

               level, a place where literature can delve, but where

               factual  writing  merely  skims.  The  tenor  is
               experimental,  obsessive,  and  chaotic,  which  suits

               the  chosen  theme  perfectly  -  this  chaos  is  artfully

               constructed.  The  situation  is  enacted  by  the  words

               with a careful understanding of how English works.

                    In this work, no section is what we would read as a beginning. The use of

               ellipsis shows we have come into the experiences in medias res:

                         '...of waste headless attrition through a distance of scars'.

               'Headless' and 'distance of scars' suggests the human body is more than a body,
               a temporal spiritual space, dead and alive. Violence within the image is stark, a

               way  to  know  the  Self.  The  relationship  between  perpetrator  and  victim  is

               unstable; external and internal seem to synthesise.

               Further on we have:

                         'mockery tint of absolute to claim'

               which  shows  we  are  not  in  a  dream  or  nightmare,  real  psychological  impulses

               and  motivations  play  out.  Assumed  'mockery'  justifies  actions.  Possession
               results from this, which causes us to doubt the authorial voice's agenda; within

               the telling, the woken ego seeks to influence us.

               Fetishistic and otherworldly matters come with the phrase:
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