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                                                                                                                Afroplitanism, Diasporic
                                                                                                             Literature and Africa’s Secret
                                                                                                                       Literary War
                                                                                                                       Alexander Nderitu

                       Note that what constitutes ‘African literature’ has always been debatable,
                       especially  in  the  face  of  increasing  diasporic  output  and  more  frequent

                       foreign travel/immigration by Africans.  In November 2021, I was a speaker

                       in Art Huts’ literary event dubbed ‘Writing the Society.’ It was held digitally
                       due to the COVID-19 menace. Admitting that I did not have a monopoly of

                       ideas, I asked my audience what they considered to be African literature.

                       The definition we settled on was: ‘Literature from an African perspective.’

                       Not, note, literature that originates solely from the continent, or produced

                       by members of a certain race.

                                                                          Alexander  Nderitu  is  a

                                                                          Kenyan  novelist,  poet,

                                                                          playwright and critic. His

                                                                          poem,           ‘The        Nigerian

                                                                          Convention               on       Nude

                                                                          Mice’,  was  a  finalist  for

                                                                          the        December                2020

                                                                          Collins  Elesiro  Literary


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