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                 In  an  article  titled  ‘I’m  Done  With  African  Immigrant                                  Afroplitanism, Diasporic

                 Literature’,  published  by,  Botswana’s                                    Literature and Africa’s Secret
                                                                                                                       Literary War
                 Siyanda Mohutsiwa voiced the local angst. ‘I don’t know                                              Alexander Nderitu

                 when  it  happened,’  she  penned.  ‘It  might  have  been

                 somewhere in the middle of Teju Cole’s Open City, as I

                 followed his protagonist around the streets of New York.
                 Or maybe it was at the end of NoViolet Bulawayo’s We

                 Need New Names, when I boarded the flight to America

                 with its precocious star. Or perhaps it was a few weeks
                 after        finishing          Chimamanda                Ngozi         Adichie’s

                 Americanah, and I had finally begun to forget the stress

                 carried  by  illegal  African  immigrants  in  Europe.

                 Whichever  way  it  happened,  it  happened.  And  I  found
                 myself  flinging  my  copy  of  The  Granta  Book  of  the

                 African Story across the room, vowing to never read a

                 piece  of  African  Fiction  again,  or  at  least  its

                 “Afropolitan” variety.’

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