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Short Story

                                                                                                         The Gift from the Sea

                                                                                                            Madeline Clark , Arizona

                    Lois’s eyes grew wide. Then she swallowed hard. A calm, serene look came

                    over her tear-streaked face. When she finally spoke, she said, “Then I know

                    what we must do. Can you walk a little way?”

                    “A little ways.”

                    Lois went to the kitchen and filled a bunch of large bowls with food for Boris

                    and many bowls with water. He went from bowl to bowl eating a little as she

                    stroked his coat. When she was finished, she helped Sara up from the floor.

                    They walked through the open cottage door out into the sunlight and left it
                    open behind them.

                    “Let’s go to the sea. I’ll go with you,” Lois softly said.

                    Sara looked at her, faintly smiling, and nodded. Lois held onto her and just

                    about carried her as they walked barefoot over sand and rocks towards the

                    waiting ocean. No one else was on the beach that day. The waves were rolling
                    in and the ocean roared, calling to them. They walked into the surf and didn’t

                    look back as they walked deeper and deeper into the water. It covered their

                    heads and they couldn’t be seen anymore.

                    The  ocean  went  quiet  and  calm  as  Boris  stood  on  the  beach  waiting.  He

                    whimpered a little and cocked his head. As the sun looked down, Boris and

                    Heaven wept.

                                                                            Madeline  Clark  from  Arizona  with

                                                                            pen name Maddy Brown Clark is a a

                                                                            renowned  poet,  short  story  writer

                                                                            and  essayist.  She  is  also  a  singer,

                                                                            songwriter  and  musician  with  3

                                                                            songs and a flash piece on YouTube

                                                                            under the name Maddy Brown Clark.

                                                                            She  is    African  American  64  years
                                                                            old        and          use         an        electronic


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