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She  opened  those  big,  blue  eyes  of  hers  and                                     Short Story

                 stared up at Lois with a frown. “Why did you have

                 to save me?” she asked hoarsely.                                                        The Gift from the Sea
                                                                                                            Madeline Clark , Arizona

                 “Because  that’s  what  I  do.  I  save  people

                 whenever  I  can.”  Boris  ran  up  to  them,  panting                               “Did  my  scars  repulse

                 and shaking some of the seawater out of his coat.                                    you?”  the  young  woman
                 “Did you catch any fish, Boris?” he just growled                                     asked  in  a  sad,  quiet

                 his  reply.  “Maybe  you  can  dig  me  some  clams,                                 voice.

                                                                                                      “No,       of      course        not.

                 Then Lois turned back to the near suicide laying                                     What’s           your         name,

                 there heaving in the sand. “Here, let me help you                                    child?”

                 sit up.” She raised the young woman up and they
                 sat  there  together  on  the  beach.  “I  need  to  call                            “Sorrow,”  she  said  and

                 someone  and  get  you  to  a  hospital.  You  almost                                took a sip of hot tea.

                 drowned yourself. There might be some damage.”
                                                                                                      “I  have  something  that

                 “I am damaged, but no more doctors, please.”                                         will  sooth  you  and  then

                                                                                                      change  your  name  to

                  “Then I’ll take you to my place. I live right down                                  mirth.”  Lois  grabbed  a

                 the beach. Can you walk?”                                                            nearby  towel  and  dried
                                                                                                      her  long,  gray  hair  a  bit.

                 “I  can  walk  for  miles,”  she  said  after  coughing                              Then  she  went  over  to

                 some more.                                                                           her  special  cabinet.  She
                                                                                                      took  out  a  metal  burner

                 “Then up with you; let’s go.”                                                        that  was  shaped  like  a
                                                                                                      genie’s  bottle  and  set  it

                 The two women headed on down the beach with                                          on  a  small  table.  After

                 the young woman struggling with each step she                                        which  she  approached

                 took,  as  Boris  trailed  behind  them.  Once  they                                 the  young  woman  called

                 made  it  to  Lois’s  cottage  by  the  sea,  they  shed                             Sorrow.  “Come.”  She
                 their  wet  clothing.  The  scars  on  the  young                                    invited  her  and  walked

                 woman’s  body  were  like  a  road  map  and  Lois                                   her  over  to  the  table.

                 wrapped her in a large beach towel, then sat her                                     They  sat  down  before  it.

                 down  by  the  smouldering  fire  in  the  stone                                     Sorrow  finished  her  tea
                 fireplace.                                                                           and  set  the  cup  aside.
                                                                                                      “You’ll  like  this;  it’ll  be

                 She  went  and  fetched  her  guest  a  cup  of  hot                                 good  for  you,”  Lois
                 chamomile  tea  and  arranged  some  logs  on  the                                   assured  her.  “Just  a

                 embers. Flames shot up to burn them.                                                 minute.”  Lois  went  over
                                                                                                      to her stereo and popped

                  Litterateur                                          14                             in  a  CD.  “The  mood  has

                                                                                                      to be just right.”

                             REDEFINING WORLD
                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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