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Short Story

                                    The Gift from the Sea

                                            Madeline Clark , Arizona

                Lois was on the beach at sunrise as was her daily routine, her ritual. The sea
                rose  and fell with swells of peace and hope with each wave that then rolled into

                the  welcoming  shore.  Her  faithful  dog,  Boris,  barked  and  scampered  towards

                each incoming wave, then backed away as each one reached the glistening wet

                sand. Then all at once, he ran and  dove into the sea to go fishing.

                “Boris! You’ll be so hard to dry out,” Lois called after him, then laughed.

                That’s  when  she  noticed  something  strange  up  the  beach  ahead  of  her.
                Someone  walked  directly  into  the  waiting  ocean.  They  were  fully  clothed  and

                they  kept  going  out  into  the  rising  waters  until  they  disappeared  beneath  the


                “Oh my God!” Lois cried out as she began to run up the shore, shedding her

                jacket as she ran. She stepped out of her shoes and jeans and rushed into the
                water, diving in and swimming swiftly. She took a deep breath, held it and went

                under  water.  There  she  saw  a  young  woman  tangled  in  the  seaweed,  face

                bloated, blue eyes wide open. Lois pulled the seaweed away from the woman

                and grabbed a hold of her limp body. She swam, holding onto her and pulled
                her above the surface as the sea let out a thundering roar. Lois swam with her

                to the shore, dragging her from the waves.

                Lois was an aged woman, all of sixty-five-years-old. But she was strong and she
                swam like an ancient mermaid. Once she had the young one on the beach, she

                began to push the water out of the victim’s lungs and she gave her breath to

                her. The young woman’s eyes had closed and Lois feared that she hadn’t gotten
                to her in time. Then sea water poured from the young woman’s mouth and she

                began to cough violently. Lois breathed a deep sigh of relief and gently pushed

                the  wet  hair  back  from  the  face  of  the  one  she  had  taken  from  the  sea.  The

                young woman was beautiful. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-years-

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