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                                                                                          DREAM, SOUND,

                At one moment, one thing                                                    BLUE, LIGHT—

                At another, another

                And telling ourselves                                                      WORDS FOUND
                (Until the Wind reminds us)                                                  FREQUENTLY

                That we are constant

                That we are unities                                                 IN AL YOUNG’S WORK

                Not the leaves
                Not the scraps of Wind-blown paper

                Not the flower petals                                                        how does one measure

                That                                                                                     intellect
                We are.                                                                      how does one measure

                When a poet dies,                                                                      words are

                A great moan goes up in heaven,                                                            doors
                As they all weep                                                                       deeds are

                For            the             favored               child,                                doors

                ManWomankind                                                           the terms dream, sound, blue,

                Who  gives  them  joy,  exasperation,                                                       light
                fear                                                                                are a measure

                As the child does what a child does,                                                    Al Young

                Acting blindly, making magic,                                                    is a thinking being
                Tearing things apart                                                a political animal, Zôion politikòn

                And  yet  listening  to  the  words  of  a                                living in the polis, Berkeley

                few,                                                                               I see him there

                A few like Al Young                                                             measuring flowers
                Harbingers of the possibility                                                photographing dreams

                That WomanMankind will yet do well                                              looking to the blue

                Despite  so  many  indications  to  the                                                     sky

                contrary.                                                           standing between the inner & the



                                                                                                    shedding light
                  Litterateur                                                            in the bright Berkeley dawn

                             REDEFINING WORLD
                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU                      12
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