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                                                  Jack Foley, California

                Goodbye, dear, elegant man,

                Wonderful poet,

                Your beautiful voice
                Still rings in my ear

                From the long conversations.

                Goodbye, marvelous friend.

                There, another one—Death loves poets

                John Oliver Simon—another one

                Julia Vinograd—Death loves poets
                Peter Sherburn-Zimmer—there, still another—Jeffrey Lilly

                “Steps and walks made of wind”

                And  what  of  Larry  Eigner,  James  Broughton,  Maya  Angelou,  Ntozake

                What  of  David  Bromige,  Lynn  Lonidier,  Robert  Duncan,  David  Antin,

                Philomene Long,

                Leslie Scalapino, David Lerner, Joie Cook, Jack Micheline, Donald Schenker,

                H.D. Moe,
                Denise  Levertov,  Marsha  Getzler,  David  Meltzer,  Stanley  McNail,  my  wife


                Carolyn Kizer, Chana Bloch, Phil Whalen, Harold Norse, Allen Ginsberg, Lou

                Paul  Mariah,  Adrienne  Rich,  Tom  Clark,  Michael  McClure,  Lawrence

                Ferlinghetti, Ron Loewinsohn, James Schevill, Jack Mueller, Janine Canan,

                                 so many,
                You can be sure Death whispers sweet nothings in their ears

                Until they are sweet nothings.

                We exist

                Not as rocks or trees or garages
                We are waves of the sea

                Shape-shifting at the will

                Of something we will never know.


                             REDEFINING WORLD
                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU                      11
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