Page 98 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 98

Voice: Very glad that you are alive and to know
               someone from the main had passed away.

               Editor: You are welcome to light a candle in

               memory of humanity and empathy which
               passed away from your heart.

                    Editor ends the call. He walks towards the

               window. He picks a letter from the inward table.

                   He reads. We can hear it from background.

               Dear Friend,

               There is a creative side to loss, but it takes a

               while for it to manifest or for us to be aware
               that it is manifesting. Take your time. Let your

               grief lead you back into life. Remember that

               you are your father now, and that includes his

               creative aspect. Remember his joy in his
               writing and your magazine. Remember how

               much he loved the literary life, which is your

               life too. Much love to you.

                                                                                    Jack Foley.

                                    Light on the stage fades.
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