Page 97 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 97

Office of the Editor

                              Editor in front of the computer.

                                  All other chairs are vacant.

                                        The phone bell rings

                                   Editor picks up the phone.

               Voice: Hello, which fool has picked up this


               Editor: Editor

               Voice: Oh... Thanks... Thanks. At last you
               picked the phone. I’m worrying if you

               accidentally got sick with the COVID-19 virus...

               And died... I don’t care about the fate of my

               story... but I am worried that you are alive or
               not... if you do not publish my story within a

               week, then I will consider you dead from owls -

               19 and I will light a candle in memory of you...

               Editor: I understand your impatience. But I

               already posted on our official website about
               the demise of our managing editor, also my

               father, the reason for delay in bringing out the

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