Page 95 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 95


              but I said, I can’t talk now, Varya, I’m in a

              rush to get Baby to the doctor. I felt bad

              hanging  up  on  her,  but  did  I  have  any

              choice?  That’s  when  I  noticed  that  Zef

              had left the front door open on his way in,

              and  I  said,  “Where’s  Baby?”  We  went

              outside,  walked  up  and  down  our  short

              block.  He  called,  “Baby!  Baby!”  I  fell  on

              my  knees  and  howled  like  a  wounded

              animal.                 Neighbors                     started               coming

              outside,                 asking               each              other             what

              happened  because  they  didn’t  dare  ask

              us. Then the police came, made a written

              report,  searched  the  streets,  returned


              I came here, because they say that talking

              helps. So I paid you to listen to me, and

              now  I’m  done,  and  you  can  go  back  to

              thinking about what to get for dinner.
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