Page 94 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 94


             Nora,  a  woman  in  her  thirties,  in  her

             therapist’s office.

             I  got  Baby  all  ready  for  the  visit  to  the

             pediatrician,  thinking  how  pleasantly

             surprised  the  good  doctor  will  be  to  see

             her walk. When the phone rang, I said to

             Zef, “Take Baby to the car, I’ll be there in

             a  second,  I’ll  just  get  the  phone.”  It  was

             Varya,  my  old  acquaintance.  She  would

             call  me  every  couple  of  weeks  with  the

             same  question,  and  out  of  a  sort  of

             kindness  I  would  give  her  the  same

             answer. Meanwhile, Zef stormed back in,

             put  Baby  down  and  said  that  if  I  don’t

             hurry  up,  I’ll  have  to  take  Baby  to  the

             doctor  without  his  help,  that  is,  without

             the  car.  Varya  started  asking  her

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