Page 87 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 87


                 In the season of planned fallow

                 Seeds I didn't plant or tend

                 Bore bitter fruit I had to eat

                 To keep me going but not thrive

                 The seeds I desire to plant

                 And tend for the rest of my days

                 Seem blown away by changing winds,

                 Or hidden by the year's first snow

                 Patient or not, time will always get

                 All that it needs for completion

                 So I settle in for the rest I need

                 And to make myself ready

                 Faith worth having grows because

                 Of powerful storms beyond control;

                 Shivering and shaken as I am, I await

                 The proving such tests shall bring

                 The hope of Spring is all I have

                 To keep me warm through this Winter

                 Which doesn't seem to have an end:

                 I will hold onto my hope
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