Page 85 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 85

The Comfort of the Plane Trees in the Time

                                                 of Pandemic

                   Holding over the day-dozing homeless, the

                   implacable tuxedo cat, the piping birds,


                   Edging the momentum of molecules,

                   Here, no, gone, pressing on, fragmenting,

                   readying for


                   The eternal murmuration: a visitation of

                   careless black stars

                   Brushing by us, shooting the breeze.

                   Illuminated in a window frame, at day’s violet


                   A figure stands. Another leans into the dusk.

                   They turn away, in synchrony,

                   Refreshed with a simple peace.

                   London  Plane  trees  make  up  70  per  cent  of  the  tree
                   population  of  the  inner  city  of  Melbourne,Australia.  During

                   Melbourne's extended lockdown in 2020, many residents
                   noticed  and  appreciatedtheir  beauty  during  their  daily  one
                   hour outdoor exercise period.
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