Page 84 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 84

The Comfort of the Plane Trees in the Time

                                              of Pandemic

                   Leaves shift and sway, throw shadows over

                   tree trunks. Dark, angled hands

                   sweep the pavement, elaborate, rhythmic,


                   sliding into cracks and crevices, beating to

                   and fro

                   Along shirt sleeves, wrists and shoes,


                   A ragged heartbeat, the fine jagged fibres of

                   nerves, dispensing a serene dispassion,

                   lifting and gathering each small moving


                   into wide hypnotic waves, delirious washes

                   and swirls

                   of absence and presence,


                   Inexplicably now in a broad spill of sunlight,

                   over the cars, the street sounds, the nursery

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