Page 82 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 82

write every day...
                                                                                         What I
                  submit every day...                                                Really Love

                  push, push, push

                  then wonder why

                  you’re all burned up

                  maybe it’s time for a break, pal

                  remember—you don’t get stronger in the


                  while grinding out that last rep

                  you get stronger when sleeping

                  or sitting on your ass watching TV

                  anyway, what’s the end game here?

                  to write one good line after another?

                  or is it fame? you hate fame

                  you love the idea of it

                  just like you love the idea of love

                  or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

                  not the actual daily slog

                  the blisters and aching bones

                  but worst of all, the deflation—

                  witnessing the joy of the dream

                  scatter like a tree full of sparrows

                  when the hawk’s cry

                  pierces the silence
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