Page 80 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 80

A Lover of Late February

                Hearing your footsteps                        I am circling around

                of departure                                  you

                I look at you                                 like fallen dry leaves

                with numbness of                              in mad wind of early
                anticipation                                  march

                will you recede                               your untimely arrival of

                to me at least for a final
                closure                                       February is lingering in

                                                              my soul

                my lovemaking has not                         and body like soft late
                                                              wintry coldness

                ended yet
                                                              of the early mornings

                my arms are pining for                        of the March

                sweat - drops                                 the summer has not

                                                              come yet

                the moments are still
                fresh                                         I can't say goodbye

                my tongue is still                            turn back in my arms

                                                              the maandars are

                on your body                                  blooming red

                                                              my love.
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