Page 78 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 78

Forbidden Tree

                                                O’ Mother Eve!

                                       After departing from you

                              Have been wandering everywhere,

                     Each moment, in the world of intriguing maze

                                           We have been living

                Anyhow, with hope, longing for your motherly love


                                    God will ever feel pity on us


                        The intrigued relation of the umbilical cod

               May meet with you, somewhere, after at any point of


                It may again meet with after travelling, some more,


                    Again some world would create by the word of

                                               “Kun Fe Koon”

                        Where there would residents of garden of

                                              Paradise and we

                                 Where Satan cannot reach over

                       Where there would not be the fear of Satan

                      Where there would be peace and tranquility

                                                       I wish!

                                 We would have such an abode,

                                     far from the forbidden tree.
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