Page 77 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 77

Forbidden Tree

                                      After departing from you

                                               O’ Mother Eve

                                       We, the children of you,

                            Have been blowing far and far away

                                 Continuously by the patting of

                               The sea waves of human beings

                                       We have lost in crowds

                  Among us, there was the fable of sweet words

                             That of the relation of familiar pain

                 That relation of brimful of emotions of mother’s


                                 Tied with that rope of relation

                                  We are facing jerks in the air

                                                Like the kites

                Just as, it gets slipped away from the hands of a


                                        The string of balloons

                         And get scattered in the unfathomable

                                          Heights of the skies

                                        Like those of balloons
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