Page 74 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 74

Ode on Solitude

               The vanity of the city in                           Do you understand?

               the horizon

               Is dwarfed                                          I don't have to explain

               The sea swallows the                                Myself

               entire show                                         In this city

               Punctures the heart                                 Everyone keeps their

               Into a photogenic picture strangeness quiet

               of                                                  Strangles

               A stylized bridge                                   disappointment

               The eyes immortalize                                Within the mask


                                                                   Someone will take my

               I want to take a break                              Place will apologize

               From my place                                       And move on

               You don't come with me                              But once he takes it

               I go by myself                                      I won't return there

                                                                   Each raindrop has

                                                                   Its own soil
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