Page 71 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 71

The life - it's our strongest                          The Sound


               We are in this world                                And I am ever listening

               And with our light                                  to my own sound

               We lift ourselves from the                          The sounds that make

               ground                                              you feel things around

               Life is so beautiful                                I hear it from behind my

               because it has its rhythmic                         tears of the youth

               sound.                                              And still from the green

               A sound                                             paths of those small

               That I hear from the                                roads

               bloomed flower                                      Now I feel it in my

               by god’s grace                                      middle age

               I listen to it in love and                 life

               compassion                                          the sweet sound of it

               The sound                                           But yet something more

               Of trains in the railway                            to be heard

               station,                                            Life…you are the light

               I listen to it even in the still                    so heavenly

               clocks                                              And the sound -

               And in the passing winds                            The moving reason

               The sound that lingers                              behind

               Inside the rooms of my                              All those fluttering

               house                                               butterflies
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