Page 65 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 65


                                                                        STILL ALIVE

                the mottled benches in

                the park

                where we sat together?
                                                             In your wanderings
                You eat the specialties
                                                             there is no city
                of the most famous
                                                             where your soul remains,
                cuisines in the world,

                but nothing smells                           no place where you and I

                like hot pie in a                            loved each other,

                casserole.                                   a place that calls and

                You push the plate                           connects us.

                away.                                        And while coffee is being

                You sigh.                                    smoked from the cup,

                Why- no one asks                             fragrant and hot,

                anymore.                                     you know,

                The engine is                                your heart is home to the

                humming,                                     city

                calling you to move on,                      where you left your

                in search without end.                       youthful hopes.
                                                             You hum "Little Alley"
                When will you hear a

                                                             as you suffocate in tears.
                familiar voice?

                Are your buddies

                waiting for you

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