Page 58 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 58


               As I sit I curl up in my modest white room
               Facing its four walls, each of them is my best friend

               With the sound of music that always makes me think with reality

               they drag me away

               As my memories flood in with every possible voice.

               As a boy, I dreamed that one day I would share my love

               And that it will be assigned to me, regardless of the day

               someone survives

               One greeting and a smile from an old wound will always heal

               She is not waiting for the place, time and way for his movement.

               Please forgive me for every bad thing I did

               To kneel before you for the forgiveness and mercy of my world

               To be pure before You, when I already have no happiness in life

               I ask You to remain strong and just, when others are not like

               I'm not asking for any compensation for forgiveness, happiness

               is in those little things

               What a man can give to everyone, and today it is much missing

               It is as if she is alienated from the center of the Meridian,
               divided into pieces

               Please forgive me, You innocent pure man for all these hard


               If you don't want to forgive me, I won't be mad at you

               I will continue to live within my four walls as memories flood in
               Waiting for the sound of music. Abandoned and alone.

               With faith in a better tomorrow.
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