Page 56 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 56

rolls over                                         Thunder

                   the railroad

                   tracks and
                                                                  John letters
                   lightning plays
                                                                  divorce papers
                   catch up
                                                                  empty whiskey
                   by 6

                   Mississippi                                    bottles empty

                   as time                                        shotgun shells

                   moves forward                                  filling the

                   chugging like                                  pockets of

                   a train                                        all these

                   full of                                        ghost riders

                   memories and                                   starting straight

                   old grudges                                    ahead trying

                   of dark                                        to remember

                   fears and                                      where they

                   lost hopes                                     were going

                   wasted years
                                                                  when they
                   and unhappy
                                                                  boarded this
                   marriages dead
                                                                  train trying
                   end jobs
                                                                  to remember
                   and dear
                                                                  why they

                                                                  thought anything

                                                                  mattered at all.
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