Page 54 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 54

Carrying my bricks

                      Loading my gun

                      Seeing life as a threat

                      Can’t alert the unborn

                      Looking for creation

                      Looking for a solution                                    Circles

                      Goes play by play

                      Am I in this game?

                      Are you in this game?

                      I’ll blow by the puff

                      Sometimes I win sometimes I


                      Part of the game

                      It’s a small world

                      Only I can see what it is

                      My mind is like dough

                      So easy to bake

                      If you can reach out for me

                      Walls closing in

                      I can only break em down

                      Many sides to a story

                      The glass has broken

                      With pains in my chest

                      The loving has been lost

                      Wait for the golden days
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