Page 48 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 48

Last letter

                      Last night of winter

                      Cold on the cut of the fingers

                      Trembling, cutting a pen with red letters

                      Writing the last letter!

                       Dear, this is my last letter

                       Maybe this letter saved you from me

                       Reminders will live on until the last moment

                       And I will live until your last breath

                       Even after my death.

                       Like a settlement after a flood

                       My whole world has become desolate

                       Even today's dreams seem to be dawning

                       The land on which my feet stand is deserted

                       Even the blue sky looks foggy

                       I see an eclipse every night, even in Moon .

                       Yes dear, witness him today

                       I am writing this last letter,

                       This letter is my last sign to you

                       But, I may not be the last for you

                       Only this letter can be final.
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