Page 44 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 44

The fast, dangerous lightening

                     is crashing into earth.

                     From the swirling winds

                     you feel the anger

                     as it enters you.

                     The clouds are making

                     our hearts grey and damaged.

                     A thick mist from the storm

                     that is drowning us.

                     Souls and spirits                           The Storm

                     are being sucked out

                     by a taking tornado.

                     The storm feels

                     like it is washing

                     our collective away.

                     We have to remember

                     that there are sunny days

                     that is behind the storm

                     as it is temporary.

                     We will emerge

                     from our shelters

                     when this all clears

                     and embrace the damage

                     in order to heal.

                     We are to hold

                     our heads high

                     as we march

                     out of this storm.
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