Page 40 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 40

Girl With the Chopin Fingers

                 Fingers, wild spiders                         Two oversized men
                 climbing Mount Chopin                         white oversized coats
                                                               stormed the door

                 grenades exploding                            Mary singing mad
                 her sundown eyes                              woman blues
                 firelighting                                  serpentine prodigy all of

                 crème de la creme                             twenty-three
                 chandelier houses                             hauled off in the eternal
                 upper midwest 30’s                            fog debris

                 Lizst, Mendlesohn                             Mary carrying lanterns
                 fountains of ivory pink                       in idyllic swamps

                 rain                                          died (so they say) a
                                                               muddied soul

                 one day                                       stomped to death by the

                 she refused the refrain                       bulls of
                 of her                                        hell’s ripened mores,
                 Mother’s ceaseless                            medicine flimflam sham

                                                               Lizst, Chopin,

                 Mary hurled her ill-                          Mendlesohn

                 tempered pills                                full house empty stage
                 into the Minneapolis                          my lost Aunt, foresaken

                 chill winter night
                 where in an icy grave                         And I heard a chorus go
                 they lay                                      up
                                                               ‘you gotta get that music

                 good girls don’t behave                       out of that kid’s head’
                 this way                                      After these mandolin
                                                               curtain call fandangos
                                                               Mary’s face in a black
                                                               amber wind
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