Page 36 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 36

I’m a Particle of Dust Speaking

               and you will count nothing but particles of dust. This is a

               clear  testimony  to  my  impartiality  in  dealing  with  the  rich

               and poor, important or unimportant, powerful or powerless,

               beautiful or ugly. However, from my experience I’ve found

               that  the  unimportant  i.e.  the  proletariat  are  a  bit  more

               amenable and practical. They can adapt to changes around.

               They are born in dust, work with dust, wallow in dust, retain

               dust in their armpit, chin, beard and matted hair. Eventually

               they get mixed with dust and do it without objection. On the

               contrary,  it’s  always  the  powerful  and  rich  who  have

               challenged my existence. They occupy the river land, divert

               the  river  water  and  throw  chemical  waste  products  in  the

               river.  The  waste  products  containing  cyanide,  zinc,  lead,

               copper,  cadmium  and  mercury  enter  the  water  in  high

               concentration  killing  fish  and  animals.  Algae  use  nitrate

               and  phosphate  to  grow  rapidly  while  turning  water  as

               green.  When  algae  die  they  are  broken  by  bacteria  which

               multiply quickly. The action uses up all the oxygen in water

               and turns it as toxic. This is the beginning of another Aral


               To get down to brass tacks, for the last twenty years or so,

               I’m  lying  under  a  fishing  ship.  The  grounded  fishing  ship

               which sank long ago now bears witness to time. Ports are

               remaining like haunted houses, Vozrozdenya is lost. Now
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