Page 35 - Litterateur March 2021
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I’m a Particle of Dust Speaking

               yards grope for the doorsteps. Cars came to a standstill, for

               no light in the world can penetrate the swirling murk--. But

               on  the  occasional  bright  day  and  the  usual  gray  day  we

               cannot shake from it. We live with the dust, eat it, sleep it,

               watch it strip us of possessions and hope of possessions.’

               I  was  on  cloud  nine  when  I  found  musicians  and

               songwriters  like  Woody  Gutherie  and  Kat  Eggleston

               involved in reflecting upon the Dust Bowl and the events of

               the  1930s.  Several  others  documented  their  experiences

               living  during  the  era  of  the  storm.  But  all  these  were  not

               before I had to wage a dust war against the most brilliant

               folks on earth, bury dinosaurs so fast that they never got

               off their nests, suffocate all the folks in Pompeii caught in a

               manner  with  a  cry  on  their  lips  and  sweep  away  entire


               Although  the  Marxists  strained  every  nerve  to  form  an

               egalitarian society, they failed miserably. What they could

               do was only to create a lot of poppycock. But I can proudly

               state that I’m an equalizer. You must know that the practice

               of  burying  came  down  from  the  Adena.  There  important

               people like clan leaders, healers and shaman were buried

               on  the  mounds  with  a  variety  of  artefacts  like  beads,

               jewelry, pipes, mica and copper ornaments. After so many

               years  if  you  want  to  classify  the  mounds  on  the  basis  of

               their importance, your efforts will come a cropper
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