Page 34 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 34

I’m a Particle of Dust Speaking

               I’m inferior to many. But what I know, I know that I believe

               in fact, not in myth. The popular belief of ostrich hiding its

               head in the sand is absurd to me. It’s a myth, a manner of

               dramatizing talk, a smooth functioning of the propaganda

               machine,  the  subtle  art  of  falsification-  for  which  human

               beings  are  unparalleled.  The  fact  is  that  ostriches  are

               flightless birds and are unable to build their nests in trees.

               So, they lay eggs in holes dug in the ground. To make sure

               that  the  eggs  are  evenly  heated  they  occasionally  stick

               their  heads  into  the  holes  and  rotate  the  eggs.  Then  it

               looks like they are trying to hide their face in the sand. But

               the propaganda machine has turned it into a popular myth.

               Apart  from  myths,  there  are  true  stories  that  make  me

               happy.  A partition migrant of British India (originally from

               Karachi  of  Pakistan)  fled  India  and  on  his  return  to

               Pakistan decades later, took dust from the ground, kissed

               it  and  touched  to  his  forehead.  Another  partition  migrant

               took dust from his birthplace and now keeps them in his

               London home. Some others took jars containing dust from

               their  ancestral  home  and  now  preserve  those  as

               heirlooms.  I  was  overwhelmed  when  in  1930’s  many

               residents  in  Oklahoma  began  keeping  accounts  and

               journals of their lives during a dust storm. Avid D. Carlson

               wrote how in a dust storm ‘people caught in their own
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