Page 33 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 33

I’m a Particle of Dust Speaking

               people  were  relocated.  California,  being  flooded  with

               Okies, had to overtax the state’s health and employment

               infrastructure.  It’s  regarded  as  one  of  the  worst  dust

               storms in the history of the U.S.A. when 300 million tons

               of  topsoil  were  displaced  from  the  prairie  area  and  I

               could  show  off  my  power.  As  you  stage  a  parade  of

               missiles, elite troops and defense hardware in display of

               strength, so also, I like to travel thousands of kilometers

               and cause respiratory problems to the people of faraway

               countries  in  a  show  of  my  strength.  You  should  know

               that I can remain in different forms. Being a finer particle,

               I can penetrate your lower respiratory tract and enter the

               bloodstream  where  I  have  an  opportunity  to  damage

               your  internal  organs  as  well  as  cause  cardiovascular

               disorder.  If  coated  by  pollution  I  may  act  as

               condensation  nuclei  for  warm  cloud  formation  and  as

               efficient  ice  nuclei  agent  for  cold  cloud  generation.  As

               industrial dust, asbestos or quartz – I can put an end to

               your  charisma.  Yet,  to  you  my  identity  is  nothing  but

               dust. Is it only because I have neither a Joseph Goebbels

               nor  his  Ministry  for  Popular  Enlightenment  and


               I’m a particle of dust and I’ll remain so for years to come.

               You may raise the question of my ability to claim racial

               purity or supremacy! No, I’m not ashamed to admit that
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