Page 32 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 32

I’m a Particle of Dust Speaking

               By  the  way,  on  a  fine  morning  the  President  of  the

               country  came  to  inaugurate  the  mega  project.  Everyone

               cheered  as  river  water  was  diverted  to  pastures  and

               untilled lands. Soon agriculture became a booming sector

               for economic growth. But the lake began to shrink. Its salt

               and  mineral  content  rose  drastically  enough  to  make

               water  unfit  for  drink,  even  for  animals.  Toxic  pollutants

               were  everywhere-  carrots  and  onions  contained

               Chlorinated  Organic  Pesticides,  pregnant  women  were

               diagnosed with DDE, cases of heart and kidney disease

               were  rife.  Besides,  infant  mortality  rose  significantly,

               Kerakalpaks  were  detected  with  throat  cancer  and

               anemia.  Several  species  of  fishes  like  sturgeon,  carp,

               barbell  and  roach  became  extinct  from  the  region.  The

               most famous Tugay habitats with all the mammals, birds

               and amphibians vanished as if within the blink of an eye.

               Maritime  complexes  were  replaced  by  continental

               regimes, summers were warm, winters cool. Spring frosts

               arrived much later than usual, fall frosts came too early.

               Humidity was lower, growing season shorter.

               The  lake  is  no  more.    Now  millions  of  tons  of  dust  and

               sand are visible in the lake. Undoubtedly, this has given

               me  an  opportunity  to  flex  my  muscle.  You  must  have

               remembered  the  storm  Black  Sunday  when  I  could  kill

               multiple and hundreds of thousands of
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