Page 31 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 31

I’m a Particle of Dust Speaking

               pests: mosquitoes responsible for malaria, rodents that

               spread  plague,  the  pervasive  airborne  flies  and

               sparrows  that  ate  the  hard-won  fruits  from  fields  of

               grain  and  rice.  These  pests  were  charged  with  public

               health  treason  and  widespread  irritation.  Therefore,

               patriotic  health  campaigns  targeted  the  vermin  and

               carte blanche was issued to the people to fight enemies.

               Beautifully illustrated posters encouraging the wielding

               of  fly  swatters,  guns  and  gongs  were  released  to  the

               masses.   In consequence, 1 billion sparrows, 1.5 billion

               rats,  100  million  kilograms  of  flies  and  11  million

               kilograms  of  mosquitoes  were  outright  decimated.

               However,  the  sparrow’s  intrinsic  role  in  retaining  the

               ecological balance was unrealized and resulted in well-

               orchestrated,             unmitigated             environmental              disaster.

               Locusts,  left  unencumbered  from  the  watchful  hungry

               sparrows, came in droves and devoured fields of grain.

                The loss of crops resulted in untold millions starving

               and  20  to  30  million  died  between  the  years  1958  and

               1962.  Someone  also  revealed  the  terrible  news  of

               parents eating kids and vice versa. At last, the eminent

               scholars admired the book ‘Tombstone’ and dubbed it

               as a daunting endeavor in unravelling the truth.
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