Page 30 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 30

I’m a Particle of Dust Speaking

               I know human beings, belonging to the supreme species,

               are the de facto rulers on earth. They can do and undo

               many things, can change the direction of rivers as they

               did in case of Amu and Syr. The tributaries that fed the

               Aral  Lake  for  thousands  of  years,  human  beings  have

               changed that course for their agriculture, for cotton, for

               better yield, for their profit. They made money but I lost

               my home, became a refugee. How the mere changing of

               the  course  of  two  rivers  turned  a  particle  of  dust  as  a

               refugee, is a long story.

               My story will take you back to the Holocene period. Then

               I was not dust but part of mud and silt- it was blissful. I

               was  calm  and  complacent  living  with  time.  Still,  I

               remember  the  day  some  glorious  sons  of  the  soil

               crossed  the  lake,  they  mulled  over  ensuring  food  and

               safe  drinking  water  for  people  at  large.  Being  good

               Samaritans, they were obsessed with helping the nation-

               were  calculative,  altruistic,  cosmopolitan  and  good

               catchers of sturgeon. At the time of dinner, they relished

               fourteen types of fish caught in the lake and talked for a

               long time about the crisis befalling China. They severely

               condemned the ‘Four Pests Campaign’ and mocked the

               Chinese leaders. The leaders acted foolishly when with a

               view  to  eradicating  entrenched  diseases  they  declared

               war against the four
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