Page 29 - Litterateur March 2021
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I’m a Particle of Dust Speaking

                I’m  a  particle  of  dust-  something  you  may  count  on  the

                head of a pin. You blow me off your desk, wardrobe and

                showcase or wipe me off the window pane and shoelace.

                Still, I remain by your side- float in the air, sit in the arm of

                your chair, hide in the pages of your book, and live in the

                fringe of your skirt. In trying to get rid of me, you leave no

                stone unturned like covering the roads with asphalt, fields

                with  bricks  and  windows  with  glass  panes.  But  can  you

                escape me?

                The  renowned  Bengali  poet  Rabindranath  Tagore  in  his

                poem  ‘The  Invention  of  Shoes’,  tells  the  story  of  a  king

                who once woke up with a disturbing thought. He became

                upset  why  the  soil  he  rules  should  soil  his  feet!

                Immediately  he  ordered  his  Chief  Minister  to  find  a

                solution. An expert committee was formed. Thousands of

                brooms were brought to sweep dust away. But it led to a

                massive  dust  storm.  The  dust  was  then  watered  down

                only to create a muddy mess. The experts were confused

                what to do next- whether to get the land leather-bound or

                cover the country with carpet! At last, a cobbler came and

                solved  the  problem  by  covering  the  king’s  feet  with

                leather. Thus, shoes were invented and the problem of the

                king  and  of  mankind  was  thought  to  be  resolved.  But  I

                would  say  the  problem  was  not  resolved.  As  the

                microscope was not invented at that time people couldn’t

                find some finer particles of dust inside their shoes.
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