Page 27 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 27

Meet me in my dreams

                   her grief and her love were so strong that her spirit

                   soon  dissolved  into  the  river.  Alas,  her  spirit  had

                   travelled  far  away  with  the  river  merging  into  the

                   endless blue ocean.

                   Andy  sat  there  in  shock  and  disbelief  for  countless

                   days.  Soon  helplessness  at  the  situation  took  over.

                   The forest whispered for him to return. But he found it

                   impossible to leave the riverside believing she would

                   eventually  return  as  the  ocean  once  again  will  turn

                   into  clouds  that  will  one  day  fall  as  rain  over  this

                   forest.  Slowly,  his  spirit  also  dissolved  into  an

                   immovable  rock  by  the  river  that  waited  for  a  day

                   when the ocean would arrive over the forest.

                                                         * * * * *

                   The people of the village searched for Andy for days.

                   They  even  performed  rituals  and  sought  permission

                   to  enter  some  of  the  sacred  groves  and  landscapes

                   dotting the hill range. But there was no trace of him,

                   no body, clothe, shoes, or any other item of his could

                   ever be found.

                   Only  an  immovable  rock  usually  found  alongside

                   mountain-rivers remained at the clearing in the forest

                   overlooking the forever mystical high mountains.
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