Page 26 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 26

Meet me in my dreams

               it  for  himself.  After  some  mind-racking  indecision,  his

               longing to meet her won the way. Before he could change

               his  mind,  he  had  uprooted  the  plant,  and  chewed  and

               swallowed it whole.

               Soon,  he  was  running  down  the  slope,  breathing  heavily

               and his long hair flowing loose. After catching his breath,

               he  settled  down  next  to  the  river  to  wait  for  the  girl.  He

               sensed  a  strange  aloofness  and  sadness  from  the  forest

               and the river. He ignored the feeling as he played his flute

               beseeching  her  to  hurry.  The  sun  danced  among  the

               leaves of the trees as it travelled from one end of the forest

               to the other. Nightfall approached but she never came. He

               waited  in  the  dark,  listening  to  the  changing  sounds

               around him. There was no sign of her even the next day.

               Perhaps she did not love him the way he loved her. Many

               days  passed  but  he  continued  to  wait.  Finally  in

               desperation, he turned to his beloved forest for an answer,

               for the forest always knew.

               Watching  silently  all  this  while,  the  forest  advised  him  to

               turn back and never return. As Andy insisted on knowing,

               the forest reluctantly narrated the tale of the heart-broken

               girl who waited for days in the hope that he would return

               as promised. But as weeks passed, she was torn with grief

               and remorse at not responding to his love. Both
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