Page 25 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 25

Meet me in my dreams

               finished, a deep silence fell across the mountains, river,

               and  valley.  Like  him,  the  mountains,  forest,  birds,  the

               river,  all  waited  for  the  girl’s  response.  Instead,  the  girl

               entreated  him  to  return  the  following  day  and  Andy

               promised he would.

               But  today,  he  couldn’t  find  a  single  plant  at  the  spot.

               Andy had not realised that over decades, the misuse of

               the  land  had  diminished  the  biodiversity  of  the  region.

               Perhaps in his ignorance and haste, he had plucked the

               last  remaining  plants  from  that  secluded  spot  in  the

               forest. Grief at what he had done along with pain of not

               being  able  to  hear  her  answer  or  meet  her  again

               overcame  him.  Andy  spent  days  searching  for  the  wild

               plant across hills and passes, forests and valleys but in

               vain.  People  in  the  village  noticed  his  madness  and

               began to talk. The Jhankri of the village only smiled when

               they consulted her.

                After weeks of search, Andy once again returned to the

               same  spot  mentally  and  emotionally  exhausted.  As  he

               slumped  down  against  a  strong  oak  tree,  he  noticed  a

               small bush that he had missed earlier. Behind the bush

               he found a tiny sapling of the plant he was looking for.

               How could he have missed it, the bush was not really that

               out of sight? But now that there was only one plant, Andy

               was caught in a dilemma whether he should let it grow or

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