Page 24 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 24

Meet me in my dreams

               minds.  Andy  listened  deeply,  but  his  intellectual  mind

               could  not  appreciate  the  esoteric  despite  his  strange

               experience in the city. Until that fateful day in the opening

               in the forest.

                                                       * * * * *

               After  that  first  instance  of  lucid  dreaming,  Andy  swung

               between naked fear and pure excitement as he strained

               to make some sense of the whole experience. He lingered

               in  the  village  to  see  if  the  dreams  recurred  but  they

               didn’t.  Finally,  a  strong  pull  to  be  back  in  the  dream-

               space made him return to the spot with the strange plant.

               His visits to the ridge increased, staying up for

               hours  come  rain  or  sunshine.  As  Andy  slowly  got  over

               the  strangeness  of  the  dreams,  he  started  looking

               forward to meeting the girl by the river. Over the course

               of  many  dreams,  Andy  and  the  girl  communicated

               through  beautiful  flute  songs  as  the  wind  and  the  river

               carried their messages to each other.

               One day in his dream, Andy was back at the river, playing

               his  flute.  As  the  girl  filled  her  pots,  the  wind  shifted

               amongst the trees and the rays of a golden afternoon sun

               lit up her simple yet captivating face. The flute’s soulful

               melody was filled with his love for the girl and when he
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