Page 22 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 22

Meet me in my dreams

               a raptor lulled him to a stupor. As he lay down, his hand

               touched a plant nearby and without thinking he plucked a

               few leaves and crushed them with his fingers. The smell of

               the  plant  was  intoxicating,  and  despite  the  warning  that

               rang in his mind, he put a few shreds in his mouth. When

               nothing  happened  and  no  sign  of  poisoning  surfaced,  he

               happily  fell  asleep.  Andy  went  deep  into  a  dream  that

               seemed  as  real  as  the  forests  that  surrounded  him.  He

               found  himself  surrounded  by  another  ancient  forest,

               denser and darker than this one. The trees were massive

               and gnarled and the forest floor thick with undergrowth. As

               he walked down a narrow path that he could barely make

               out, Andy realised it was the same forest of his vision. He

               sensed it was a different time period, sometime in the deep

               past and in a different continent as his clothes were unlike

               any he had ever seen. He felt he knew the forest intimately

               –  all  trails,  trees,  plants,  streams,  and  rocks.  He  hurried

               across  the  trail,  down  a  winding  slope,  to  a  river  that

               sparkled in the sun breaking through the trees. As his gaze

               shifted to the other bank, his heart raced when he saw the

               girl  filling  a  few  pots  with  water.    The  girl  sat  down  after

               filling  the  pots  and  began  to  play  the  flute,  a  clear  lilting

               tune  that  seemed  to  fill  the  forest  and  the  valley.  As  she

               gazed at him while playing the flute, Andy felt a love that

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