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Meet me in my dreams

               His  friends  never  understood  why  Andy  suddenly

               turned  a  recluse.  At  one  level,  the  thought  of  being

               psychotic  filled  Andy  with  cold  terror  but  at  another

               level,  he  was  bewitched  by  the  dark  forest,  as  if  he

               belonged  to  the  forest  beside  the  mesmerising  river,

               just as he belonged to the girl.

               Andy tried hard to resume his usual uncomplicated life,

               but more often than not, he found himself mentally far

               away and utterly disconnected. As his wildly successful

               life  started  to  unravel,  Andy  began  to  feel  more

               convinced about his decision to pack up his life in the

               city and travel. He booked himself a one-way ticket on a

               train to Siliguri, the gateway to the Himalaya at the far

               end of the country.

                                                       * * * * *

               Andy had found the spot accidentally during one of his

               hikes  up  the  hills  around  Sandakphu.  Surrounded  by

               giant ancient trees, their trunks and branches covered

               with moss, the little clearing opened up to an imposing

               view of the rugged mountains. He felt differently as he

               sat  under  the  shade  of  a  tree,  a  feeling  he  could  not

               identify at the time. The warm noon air and the distant

               yet sharp cries of
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