Page 20 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 20

Meet me in my dreams

               Andy’s life replicated the frenetic pace of Mumbai, a city

               he  had  grown  to  love  fiercely  despite  the  sweat,  grime,

               dirt, and poverty all around. Mumbai had catapulted him

               to  a  life  filled  with  close-knit  friends,  music,  motorbike

               rides,  girlfriends,  and  a  lucrative  career  with  a  law  firm

               where he rose up the corporate ladder at a rather young


               But  something  happened  six  months  ago  which  rattled

               his secure life like never before. It was a beautiful happy

               day  with  a  sparkling  blue  cloudless  sky  and  a  crisp

               breeze.  As  usual,  Andy  had  met  his  friends  for  drinks

               post office hours at their regular hangout. In the midst of

               this raucous alcohol fuelled meeting, Andy felt a strange

               heightening  of  his  senses  and  a  sudden  yet  perceptible

               energy  shift  in  the  room.  At  a  three  dimensional

               background,  the  loud  music,  people  gyrating  to  music,

               waiters  pushing  through,  and  his  friends  remained.  At

               another  dimension,  a  vision  of  an  enchanting  river

               flowing alongside a deep dark forest appeared in front of

               him. He could see a young girl on the other bank of the

               river watching him watch her. As the vision disappeared

               and  the  chaos  of  the  pub  flowed  back  into  his

               consciousness, Andy quickly left convinced he had drunk

               more  than  usual  and  that  the  alcohol  was  now  playing

               tricks with his mind.
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